Living in Spain inevitably brings up the issue of insurance, be it Household, Health., Life or Motor and also for your visits to back to your home country, travel!


Buying property in Spain with a mortgage will require you to take out a Home Owners Insurance Policy and a Life Insurance policy. In fact from the signing of the final contract the buyer is responsible for the insurance of all the buildings on the property. It is a criminal offence in Spain not to have your property insured.

Non-resident owners of holiday homes may choose an insurance company based in home country, if available, who will provide holiday home insurance rather than one based in Spain. This will avoid having to translate foreign policy documents and understand unfamiliar foreign property legislation. There is also the consideration of how you will use your holiday home. Will it be left empty for long periods? If so, are there reductions in cover?

If you are going to rent your Spanish house to holidaymakers, you will also require cover against damage to your contents, public liability and loss of rent.


Private medical and health insurance is also available and can be obtained from many familiar English named Heath Insurance companies. Costs are very competitive and enable you to have all the advantages of first class treatment with English speaking Doctors, Consultants and Surgeons.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance and Motorcycle Insurance is mandatory. As of 1995, Spanish law requires that all vehicles be covered with at least the minimum insurance that would compensate any damage incurred against a third party.

You are required by law to carry your licence and Insurance policy with you in your car. Be aware that the Spanish police, particularly the Guardia Civil, are taking special care to find drivers without insurance in order to help them rectify their situation. Now, there is even an agreement between the insurance industry and the police that allows the police to check the records of the Insurers in order to identify uninsured vehicles.

The fine for driving without insurance ranges from 600 to 3,000 Euros and the exact amount of the fine depends on what type of vehicle you are driving, what the vehicle is used for and how long you have been driving without insurance.

The easiest way to obtain Insurance is from Brokers who speak English. There are many Insurance Brokers in the Costa Blanca who will be delighted to help.